Cavaletti Pole Training For Dogs

Webinar - 2.0

Learn about Cavaletti pole training with 30 patterns...

8 NEW PATTERNS added, unique to this webinar!

In this course, we are going in-depth on one of our favourite training methods, Cavaletti Pole Training for Dogs. Cavaletti pole training for dogs is going to help your dog in three major ways.

  1. It makes your dog use muscles that it simply doesn’t use in other forms of exercise.
  2. Helps with training your dog and troubleshooting common gaiting problems your dog might have (e.g. side-winding, looking up at you on the move, etc.)
  3. Cavaletti poles can lengthen your dogs side-gait, strengthen toplines, teach foot timing and stop your dog from side-winding.

In this webinar we will focus particularly on using Cavaletti training for strengthening at a walk, gallop and a trot.

This webinar will introduces ADDITIONAL PATTERNS & CONTENT as well as cover our original Cavaletti content from our Cavaletti Pole Training for Dogs course.

Our full list of topics will include...

  • Using Cavaletti for overall fitness
  • Improve side gait and foot timing
  • Troubleshooting common gaiting issues (i.e. pacing, looking up at handler)
  • Strengthening the topline
  • Cavaletti DIY
  • Training timelines
  • 20+ configurations, including combining with Target Training
  • and more!

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Allison Alexander

Believing that you should always do what you love, Allison Alexander became a professional handler in 1987 and presented Canada's top dogs for over 30 years. Allison has bred, owned, groomed and handled many breeds across all seven groups and has finished more than 2000 champions!

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