"Does the Winner’s Circle: Full School Subscription include webinars?" 

Yes, the Winner’s Circle: Full School Subscription includes every single one of our webinars - past, present and future! 

  • Previous webinars: To access a past webinar, go to “My Products” and search for the webinar. 
  • Present webinars: when we have an upcoming webinar, you are automatically enrolled in that webinar. Find the course under 'My Products' and open it to access the Zoom link, Q&A form, and more
  • Future webinars: Just sit back and relax, and look forward to upcoming webinar announcements! Subscribers will be automatically enrolled in all upcoming webinars.

"Can I view the webinar once it’s over?"

Yes, you can always access the webinar recording with our webinars, whether you make it to the live webinar or not. Within 24 hours of the live webinar, we upload the recording, slides, and any supplementary materials into the course, so everything is in one place for you. You have unlimited access to these materials! 

"I've watched all the lectures but the course doesn’t show that I’ve completed it, what am I doing wrong? How do I get the certificate?"

When you go through every lecture in the course, which you can do with the 'Complete & Continue' button, a certificate should automatically pop up after the last lecture. If that doesn't happen, email us and we can manually issue a certificate for you.

"How do I apply a coupon code / There is no where to apply a coupon code"

Every checkout page has a field to apply a coupon code, at the top of the page. 

  1. At the top of the checkout page, under the “thumbnail image”, there is an “Apply Coupon Code” button. Click that button.
  2. In the field that pops up, enter your coupon code exactly as it was given to you. Click Apply. 
  3. Verify that the discount was applied - the price should now be less than the original price and display the portion of the price that was discounted. If you did not apply the discount and you click ‘Buy Now’, you will be charged full price. 

"I signed up for a course and now I can’t access it"

Did you receive a confirmation email? If not, you may have signed up with an incorrect email address (this is more common than you'd think!). Please email [email protected] with your correct email address and full name so that we can correct this for you. 

Rest assured - you will never lose access to a course you have purchased and we will make sure you can access all of your enrollments.

Still have questions?

Email us at [email protected] and let us know how we can help!