From "Getting Started with Your Show Dog" to "Advanced Training Techniques", we pride ourselves in providing you top-quality presentations that provide you with knowledge and value to help you with your show dog.

Our webinars discuss topics in grooming, handling and training, dog show "theory" and more. We also love incorporating student topic requests into our webinar themes!

Included in each and every webinar is also a "curated Q&A session" where Allison provides you with a detailed response during the webinar. If you miss the curated Q&A deadline (the Sunday before the webinar, in most cases) you can ask all last-minute questions in the live Q&A.

Stay tuned to this page for all of our upcoming webinars and the links to enroll! We hope to see you there.

How do our webinars work?

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Please consult the calendar below for upcoming webinars. If you do not see anything listed, please come back soon as we update the calendar!

You can also toggle back in time to see which webinars we've hosted in the past (starting with May 2023).

How do our webinars work?

1. Our webinars usually take plus every other Wednesday at 4pm PT /7pm ET. Stay tuned here for the upcoming topics.

2. Enroll in any webinar by either (a) signing up for $24 USD / $27 CAD or (b) through your Winner's Circle: Full School Subscription. Webinars are ALWAYS free for Winner's Circle subscribers.

3. Once you are enrolled in the webinar, you will have access to...

i. The webinar live link (Zoom webinar link)

ii. The curated Q&A link (Google forms link) and any special submissions (e.g. photo critiques or diagrams)

iii. The webinar recording, ebook and supplementary materials within 24 hours of the live webinar. Our webinars are ALWAYS recorded.

4. Before the posted deadline, use the Google Form to submit your questions to the "curated Q&A session". Send in photos and videos for Allison to give you the best possible answer. Questions can be on any topic (does not need to match the webinar topic). Allison provides you with a detailed response during the webinar. This will include a slide dedicated to your question and Allison's answer, which may also feature diagrams, videos, photos critiques, and more. We always look forward to hearing your questions week after week, and Allison loves answering them!

5. At the posted webinar time, use the provided Zoom webinar link to join the live broadcast. If you have any questions during the webinar, use the "live Q&A session" to have them answered. Questions can be on any topic (does not need to match the webinar topic).

6. If you can't attend the live webinar, do not worry. Within 24 hours of the live webinar, you will receive automatic access to the webinar recording, ebook and any supplementary materials. No extra steps needed - you will have this automatically loaded into your course, and we'll email you when it's ready.

7. Enjoy lifetime access to the webinar recording, ebook and materials (videos, charts, downloadable documents, etc. as applicable).

For more information, please check our FAQ page or send us an email at [email protected]