Learn how to trim your show dog with expert-recommended concepts & techniques...

If you need to improve your show dog's trim, or you're not even sure where to start, this webinar is for you.

In previous webinars, we have already covered "How to Bathe Your Show Dog", How to Dry Your Show Dog", and "How to Brush and Comb Your Show Dog". Now it's time to move on to trimming! This includes all breeds and coat types - trimming and carding Setter and Spaniel coats; tidying smooth coats, grooming "untrimmed" breeds and much, putting a "finish" on your trim, and much more.

Allison shares her most valuable advice for trimming all breeds of show dogs...

  • The necessary prep work for trimming
  • How to evaluate your trim
  • Balance and proportions in trimming
  • How to "train your eye"
  • When to use each type of shear: straights, curves, thinners, and fishtails
  • How often to trim your show dog
  • Trimming your dog before the dog show versus before the ring
  • Finish trimming
  • "Ungroomed" versus "untrimmed"
  • Tips for YOUR SHOW DOG! Requests open in the Q&A

Attend this webinar and walk away with new skills and new knowledge that will help you trim ANY show dog!

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Curated Q&A

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