In our webinar Q&A, seminars, and emails we are often asked about how to get your show dog to perform certain actions or exhibit certain traits in the ring. For instance, how to calm an overly exuberant dog or how to excite a disinterested show dog... how to encourage a dog to keep their tail up while moving, or how to discourage a tail that should not be up on the move. In this webinar, we will cover these nuanced, but important, body language and handling techniques to help you to not just handle your dog, but really SHOW them in the ring.

Topics covered:

  • Encouraging disinterested show dogs
  • Calming overly excited show dogs
  • The "kitty kitty" method
  • Handler stress & mood
  • Commands & tone of voice
  • Getting desired tail placement
  • Getting desired head carriage
  • much more!

Curated Q&A

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  This webinar was live Wednesday, October 26th (2022) @ 4PM PDT
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