Don't Follow Your Dog

Handle Your Dog!

Take control of your performance in the show ring!

Do you find yourself struggling to control your dog? Are you letting your dog dictate your performance? This webinar is all about making sure that you are not making the common mistake of simply "following your dog's lead" in the show ring and allowing your dog to do whatever they please. YOU are the leader! Instead we want you to have control over your dog and can handle them to stack, gait, and free bait with success!

You will learn how to take control of the stack, gaiting, and free bait in the show ring, including:

  • Common mistakes on the stack
  • Common mistakes while gaiting
  • Common mistakes while free-baiting
  • How to have rapport with your dog
  • Control your dog's head, front, rear and body on the stack
  • Control your dog's speed while gaiting
  • Control your dog's gait while gaiting - no pacing!
  • Guide your dog into a free bait
  • Regulating your dog's overall behaviour - stop charging, hesitating, spinning, etc.

Want to feel more confident in the ring? Get those last (or first!) championship points? Feel like you've done your absolute best every time you leave the ring? You're in the right place.

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Curated Q&A

As always, our curated Q&A is here to help with any and all questions. The deadline to submit questions, photos and videos is Sunday, November 5th @ midnight PT. Use the form provided once enrolled, and your question & answer will be featured in the webinar!

Allison Alexander

Believing that you should always do what you love, Allison Alexander became a professional handler in 1987 and presented Canada's top dogs for over 30 years. Allison has bred, owned, groomed and handled many breeds across all seven groups and has finished more than 2000 champions!

With more than 750 All-Breed Best in Shows, she is proud to have been highly awarded at such prestigious shows as Crufts, the World Dog Show, Westminster Kennel Club, and the AKC Invitational.

In 2017, Allison launched Leading Edge Dog Show Academy, the world's first online dog show training school. Her mission is to help mentor a new generation of dog show enthusiasts through innovative video-based grooming and handling lessons. She looks forward to working with enthusiastic students as they perfect their skills on the way to the winner's circle!

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