In this presentation, Allison will discuss ‘form’ and ‘function’; their individual definitions, their relationship such that ‘form follows function’, and how form and function impact you, the purebred dog breeder or the owner-handler.

We will examine the importance of these concepts for the purebred dog in the field, while at work, and in the show ring.

To bring it all together, we will discuss how form and function inform the reputable breeder in their breeding choices and practices, and informs the owner-handler to excel in their presentation of their conformation show dogs.

Additional topics covered here will include:

  • What is 'form'?
  • What is 'function'?
  • What is 'form and function'?
  • What is type vs form?
  • Anatomy & movement
  • How does form show up in the field? in the ring? in working dogs?
  • Form should be similar by groups and sub-groups of dogs
  • How does form and function inform the breeder in breeding choices?
  • How does form and function inform the owner-handler?
Attend this webinar and walk away with a new understanding of these important concepts.

Why is form and function important for an owner-handler?

It all starts with form and function. The standard, what the breed does and WHY - it affects every aspect of purebred dogs.

How will learning from this topic will improve your handling or presentation skills?

Having/creating the correct shape instinctively will improve your presentation of your purebred dog in the conformation show ring.

How will learning from this topic will improve your trimming?

Knowing the function lets you understand why the furnishings should be an extension of the bone structure, how to trim a front into a 'sculpted' breed like a Poodle or a breed that isn't 'sculpted' like a Golden Retriever. 

How will learning from this topic will improve your training?

Instinct affects training! 

Why is form and function important for a breeder?

A: Too many people can be fooled by a dog running on "heart". Knowing HOW standards were written (from the function of the breed) lets you know WHY they should have a certain FORM. 

How form and function informs the dogs you choose to own and exhibit?

A: If it doesn't, you should have not have a purebred dog. This is the crucial part of exhibiting a purebred dog.

What's the major benefit of knowing this topic?

Form and function is, at its core, the argument for purebred dogs as a whole.

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