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Whether you're brand new to dog shows or need to get 'to the next level', we know that finding a mentor can be hard... but look no further!

Allison and Leading Edge Dog Show Academy are always available to be your dog show mentor, but in this webinar Allison will share "mentor moments" and offer you her guidance in the world of dogs. We will also cover finding mentors and continuing education in general.

In this webinar we will cover 3 major topics:

Mentorship with Allison

Allison shares her guidance on how to get started and thrive in dog shows.

  • "Mentor Moments" with Allison
  • Allison's guidance for dog show beginners 
  • All about breed standards
  • How to evaluate your own dog 
  • Key concepts you need to understand about dog shows
  • What you need to know before working with a mentor

Finding Mentors

Beyond Allison and Leading Edge Dog Show Academy, how can you find a dog show mentor?

  • What is a dog show mentor? The "who, what, when, where, how"
  • How to find a mentor
  • The pros (and cons) of working with a mentor
  • Working with your dog's breeder as a mentor
  • Finding mentors beyond your dog's breeder
  • Having mentors for grooming, handling, training, breeding
  • Should you have multiple mentors?
  • How to BE a mentor yourself

Continuing Education

What do you need to learn about - grooming, training, breeding - and where does Allison recommend you find this information? 

  • What do you need to learn to succeed in dog shows?
  • Recommended online courses
  • Recommended online resources
  • Recommended books
  • Seminars & handling classes 

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Curated Q&A

As always, our curated Q&A is here to help with any and all questions. The deadline to submit questions, photos and videos is Saturday, August 5th @ midnight PT. Use the form provided once enrolled, and your question & answer will be featured in the webinar!

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