How to
'SHOW' vs 'Handle'
Your Dog

Have you noticed the difference between dogs who look fine in the show rings, versus the ones who look fantastic? This difference in showmanship can be achieved with YOUR handling, training (hint: which doesn't happen in the ring), and body language techniques to bring out the best in your dog's showmanship. In this webinar, we will show you how to not just "handle", but "SHOW" your dog! The key is understanding the difference between training, handling, and SHOWING - with speed, consistency, and confidence!

Topics covered in this course:

  • The difference between training, handling and SHOWING
  • Speed, consistency and confidence in the show ring
  • Handling and body language techniques
  • The most successful & efficient stack
  • How to create a pleasing silhouette
  • How to gait your dog with panache
  • Show-stopping free baits
  • Showmanship, charisma and expression
  • much more!

Note - This is a "2.0 webinar". That means by enrolling in this course you also receive the webinar recording and ebook from our original broadcast of this topic in January 2023.

Allison Alexander

Believing that you should always do what you love, Allison Alexander became a professional handler in 1987 and presented Canada's top dogs for over 30 years. Allison has bred, owned, groomed and handled many breeds across all seven groups and has finished more than 2000 champions!

With more than 750 All-Breed Best in Shows, she is proud to have been highly awarded at such prestigious shows as Crufts, the World Dog Show, Westminster Kennel Club, and the AKC Invitational.

In 2017, Allison launched Leading Edge Dog Show Academy, the world's first online dog show training school. Her mission is to help mentor a new generation of dog show enthusiasts through innovative video-based grooming and handling lessons. She looks forward to working with enthusiastic students as they perfect their skills on the way to the winner's circle!

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